Gamma One Conversions, Inc., located in the heart of New York City has been the leader in fine art reproduction since it’s inception in 1984.

Our revolutionary patented lighting system for photographing original art is unsurpassed. It is to this day ” the state of the art “. Technology has finally caught up to our patented lighting system and we are now able to capture Original art digitally as well as on film.

Even with the capability of in-house digital photography becoming more pervasive, major artists, publishers, museums and galleries continue to have their originals photographed by Gamma One Conversions. Why? Only Gamma One Conversions is able to capture the full tonal scale of the original with three dimensional textural information and accurate color response yielding the required results for unrivaled reproduction of the original.

Gamma One Conversions is the most respected name in Giclée printing. Our Giclée studio was a natural outgrowth from our extensive experience in the world of fine art reproduction. Gamma One was the only studio able to produce what has been called “the largest fine art, high resolution mural in the world” 30 by 50 feet!!. We managed it on time and at competitive prices. We feel honored to have been chosen by Banana Republic as their printer.

We proudly number amongst our

MOMA,The Pushkin and Hermitage Museums in Russia, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum, The National Gallery, Spainierman Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, Richard Serra, James Denmark, Chuck Close, Steven Hannock, Neil Welliver, Helen Frankenthaler, John Alexander, Leroy Nieman, Scholastic Inc, Knoedler Gallery Thomas McKnight, Hammer Galleries and on and on….Please call Gregory Ortega, President and Owner.

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Our client list spans national, and international artists, museums, galleries, collectors, & publishers.s


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